Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Many years ago, some where around 926 - 886 BC, there
was a king in Israel named Asa.  A good name even today.

Asa was a good king and God let him have peace in his
kingdom for the first ten years of his reign.  Then another
king came against him with a million man army.  But king
Asa only had an army of 580,000 to defend his kingdom 

So when king Asa went out to fight with his smaller 
army and he prayed out:

"O Lord, you can help a weak army as easily as 
a powerful one, Help us now, O Lord our God, 
because we are relying on you, and in your name
we have come out to fight against this huge army.
Lord, you are our God; no one can hope to 
defeat you."(2 Chronicles 14:11 GNT)

God helped Asa and his small army totally defeat
the much larger army.

About fifteen years latter another army came against
King Asa.  But this time he handled it differently.

Asa used some political manipulation and bribery.
It seemed to work.  But Asa did it his way and not
God's way.  And Asa's career went down from there.

When God was rebuking king Asa through the 
prophet Hanani we pick up this clue;

"The Lord keeps close watch over the whole
world, to give strength to those whose hearts
are loyal to him."
 (2 Chronicles 16: 9 GNT)  

Hey! That's you and me too.  Want strength
for that battle that is too big for you.  There
is your answer.

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