Friday, June 16, 2017



"A man's mind plans his way,
but the Lord directs his steps."
(Proverbs 16:9 RSV)

I have mentioned before purchasing a patch of woods
to go hide in when I need some peace and quite.  Being
a poor boy I purchased it at a state tax sale.  That allowed
me to get it very, very cheap.  That is, with just play

I had my heart set on some woods that had about three
times the acreage of what I ended up with.  It had nothing,
nothing, nothing but trees on it.  My intent had been to drag by
hand lumber down into the middle and build a small shack
 to sleep in, if I wanted to.,

But I was out bid and very disappointed.  However one
small place simply would not sell at the sale. [This was
God's doing.]  So later I bought it from the state.

The place I ended up buying had an abandoned structure
on it.  With some patching up I had a place to sleep, to
cook and with a wood stove for warmth.  I have been
thanking God for that ever since.

But today, and the purpose of my thanksgiving, I looked
into the county assessors records out of curiosity.
Guess what!

The market value of the little place I bought is three and
one third times more than what I paid.

And, the market value of the place I wanted so bad is,
only one fifth of what the other man paid for it.
(Poor guy.)

Thank God he did not let me have what I wanted so bad.


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