Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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My best hour of the day is my first one.
I get out of bed anyway that I can and go
turn the coffee pot on.  Then while dressing
the coffee is getting ready for me.

I will be up before daylight and before anyone
else.  That way, with only the night light on
I can casually drink my coffee and have a 
cookie or two while waiting for the coffee
to take effect.  Slow easy way to start the day
and I love it.

The other day I noticed something was not 
right with my first cup of coffee.  It was tasteless,
insipid and not satisfying at all.

Turning the light on I found out why.  There 
was only hot water in the cup.  I had forgotten
to put coffee in the pot.

That cup of coffee had lost its power to do
anything for me.

Most religion is the same way.  We are told 
by the prophet of old that in the last days
people will be: "holding the form of 
religion but denying the power of it."
(2 Timothy 3:5 RSV) 

If you have a religion that does not have
Jesus Christ at the beginning, the middle
and the end of it.  You have a religion
that has no more power than yourself.

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